We only offer our furniture at low costs to those who really need it. We therefore can only allow access to our catalogue to those that have a referee who can confirm they need it. This person could be a social worker, a family’s worker or it could be a community figure like District Councillor or Vicar.

There are no formal criteria that need to be met and we trust that those in the community are best placed to know who needs help locally so all we need is a quick chat on the phone and we can do the rest. Please do get in contact if you need any further information.

How referrals work:

  1. Each client is referred to the Furniture Bank by the network of referrers. This enables us to reach those who would benefit most in the District and provide them with good quality, low cost furniture.
  2. The client and referrer can then pick the item wanted from the current furniture listings. This will be updated daily to reflect the constant cycle of goods. Each item will have an administration charge (£30 for the larger items and £15 for the smaller items).
  3. Get in contact with Jo on 01453 367260 or email Provide us with the details of the item(s) required and the customers details.
  4. We will then link up with the customer to arrange delivery at a time convenient to them. We will deliver anywhere in the Stroud District and surrounding areas.