Our people

Mandy's story

Mandy was referred to us via the Marah Trust. She had a flat in Stroud but she needed a new bed as her current bed was in bad condition and was not fit for purpose. She couldn’t afford a lot of money and saving up £100 for even a second-hand bed would have taken a long time. Her options were either to go to Bright House where she could pay weekly or make do with the broken bed. Instead Furniture Bank was able to deliver a bed for £30 with her referrer paying half the cost and Mandy paying the other half.

Jane's story

Jane’s children had been in foster care whilst social services helped her out. The children were due to return back to the house but the day before when Social Services inspected the property it became obvious that Jane didn’t have storage for the children’s clothes. They wouldn’t be allowed home until she found the money to solve the problem. However, Furniture Bank stepped in and for £45 was able to provide next day delivery for 3 solid pine chest of draws meaning that Jane could be reunited with her children rather than wait for weeks to save up the money for new items.

Keelan's story

Keelan is the Furniture Bank’s first employee. He was taken on as an apprentice and now has started a full time job with the Furniture Bank. His role is to manage the warehouse and the furniture coming in and out of the warehouse. Recently he has undertaken a PAT training course which enables him to test and safety check electrical items. This now means that the Furniture Bank can collect fridges and freezers and distribute them out to families in the District. Keelan now ensures that the Furniture Bank can recycle fridges and freezers which previously would have gone into landfill. Freezer and fridge collection is the newest service the Furniture Bank now offer.