The Furniture Bank’s aim is to provide the lowest cost quality furniture and white goods, such as fridges and freezers, to those in need in the District. It does this by working with a network of referrers who send families and individuals to us who need quality furniture but cannot afford it. On our commerce site these families and individuals can browse through our stock and order what they need. There is a set pricing structure of £15 or £30 depending on the size of the item. We will then deliver the furniture direct, anywhere in the District. This means that a double bed that might normally retail for £100 is available for £30 and a 3 piece suite that might normally retail for £150 is available for £30 and chests of drawers are delivered for a small price of £15.

If we are donated items which cannot be sold via the referrer network, we will sell these items to raise money for the project and its other partners. This allows us to create employment opportunities for people through the sale of this extra furniture.

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